Our COVID-19 Response

Our COVID-19 Response

By Kathia S.

Our COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 has changed a the way a lot of business operate over the last few weeks and months. I've also been touched by your support during this time. As a result, I have chosen to make some changes to the way we work in order to remain in service. 


We Are Open. 

DOH set out to be an online first brand from its inception. Because of this, the current UK national pandemic response has not affected the way we take and fulfill your orders. As an online-based direct-to-customer brand however, we are dependant on the efforts and service of postal and courier services. This is also the case for our suppliers. From raw materials arriving into their warehouse, from the warehouses to our lab, and from our lab to your homes. For as long as this chain of logistics remain in service, so will we. 


Where Will Our Products Come From? How will will it be handled? 

Our lab and point of dispatch is in my home. A post office and parcel box is within 3 mins walk. This means, I am able to produce stock and fulfill your orders with minimal to no human contact. I live with someone at high risk of complications should they become infected with COVID-19. Therefore, you can be assured that the strictest of workflow and sanitation is applied to myself, the workspace and every item you eventually receive. 


Changes To Dispatch.

Concentrating operations from my home means I can continue to serve you. However, it also means balancing that with the responsibility towards my household by reducing my trips outside.

This will change the time frame within which orders are currently fulfilled. Instead of our 24 hr dispatch window, orders will only go out every Tuesday. If overcrowding at the Post Office can be mitigated, I will increase dispatch days to include Saturdays. 



Some of you may have realised this already that we are a very lean operation. It is mostly just me, Kathia most of the year. During peak seasons, you may receive notes signed by some of the wonderful people helping out. Outside of the daily operations however, DOH works with a number of artists, designers and more. They count as self-employed individuals who are now at risk of losing sources of income. I am proud to say that operating lean since our founding means the company can commit to seeing through the contracts we had agreed on with our contractors. Please stay tuned as some of the work we have been undertaking will start to appear in the store within the next few weeks. 


Stay Well.

Once again, I cannot thank you more for your support over the last few years. Many of you first came to the store following the story that ran in The Sunday Times. It was also during the time I was grieving the sudden loss of my father. He had passed on from what appeared like acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), a complication following a missed respiratory infection. I could only watch him go through his most difficult hours through a video call as things happened so quickly. He was 65 and fit for most of his life. 

When the editor from The Times contacted me, I wasn't sure I was up for it but pushed on. And when you started coming through the proverbial doors of the store, it kept me going during a time when it was hard to even get out of bed. 

Because of the time many of you came into the my and the company's life, you have come to mean a lot. It is why seeing familiar names when the orders come in brings me energy and joy. It may seem cliche to say this when we are separated by a digital interface, but it has become much like welcoming a familiar face at the store.

I hope to continue to welcome you to the store well after the pandemic. Wishing you and your family only the very best of health in these times. 


Founder and All Hands On Deck Person.