17 April Update

17 April Update

By Kathia S.

17 April Update

Being in lockdown can mean time passes differently for all of us. It felt as if months have passed since my first attempt to plan for lockdown compliant operations across company activities. And it felt like yesterday when I wrote about the company's response.

Regardless of how time passes for me, we are living in a time where flux is the norm and status updates are one of the ways we stay in ambient communication. This is also a time where businesses across sectors have ceased operations indefinitely while some have chosen to stop taking orders due to inability to cope. In this pandemic we are seeing the simultaneous effects of too little and too much business. On either end of this spectrum, we are seeing the crushing reality of how long it takes to scaling up and down.

This week, I had to again delay the prospect of preparing a prototype of a new product. One of the key suppliers of raw materials is now refusing to take orders in order to clear their backlog. On a personal level, I was met with the news of a herbalist I had come to rely on cease trading indefinitely. Both businesses had everything right about their operations under normal conditions. And yet, it is the sudden changes in either direction as we come to learn in this pandemic that makes things difficult to account for.

We now head into a three-week extension of the lockdown here in the UK. I thought it might be more important than ever to make sure that I speak to you more frequently than I would under normal conditions.

As of today, I can report that fulfilment and despatch remain the same as at the start of April. To recap: 

  • Inventory is available, with more being produced.
  • Despatch days are Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • Royal Mail delivery times apply once despatched.
  • Your orders are produced and packed hygienically. 

Thank you again as always for being there. And I look forward to welcoming you again in our newly refurbished web store!