doublehead digifacturing


Tell us about your practice. 

doublehead digifacturing was launched in 2016 as an outgrowth of Jeffrey's interest in 3D printing. A consummate Latin student, Jeffrey even felt the need to distinguish the new techniques of completely digital manufacturing processes from the past by coining the term 'digifacturing.' doublehead focuses on homegoods, primarily a range of planters, with the specification that all of the company's offerings cannot be manufactured by traditional means. Using the cutting-edge technology of 3D printing allows doublehead to produce objects of unusual style and utility, such as single-piece planters with built-in watering lines.


Tell us something about yourself. 

Jeffrey Geiringer is a Brooklyn-based artist and designer. They've been engaged in a freelance practice for many years, with clients including the world's largest bowling alley proprietor, a custom design-build furniture shop, and an art production company which hired them to design a large dragon sculpture for a cruise ship. Jeffrey specializes in the highly technical field of parametric design, and recently completed their MFA at Parsons School of Design in Manhattan, and is currently looking for gallery representation and continuing freelance work, now adding the growing techniques of Artificial-Intelligence-based art to their portfolio.


Tell us something about the products you have chosen for the market.

The planters offered here are both visually striking and highly practical. They all incorporate some form of the 'bottom-watering' design perfected by the company, wherein the caretaker may use the lower tray to water plants using the capillary action of the dirt. Doing so regularly encourages a significantly healthier root structure than traditional planters, which are watered from above. The planters with a dedicated watering funnel work on the same principle. with spouts that insert into the soil about 2/3rds of the way down the dirt volume; you can view and test their efficacy before putting dirt in. The 'Snowman' line of planters is doublehead's newest offering, designed exclusively for the DoH Winter Market 2020!

Part of doublehead digifacturing's core principles is the believe in sustainable design. All of our products are designed to be printed with nearly zero waste, an enormous advantage of additive manufacturing. In addition, we always print our products using PLA, a type of non-toxic, fully-renewable plastic made from cornstarch. Using a sustained composting reaction at high temperatures, our planters can even be turned back into dirt!


If 2020 was a food...

2020 is organ meat, prompting contemplation and re-evaluation of one's assumptions. 


What is the best way to get in touch? 

Instagram: @doubleheaddigifacturing and @jjeff_re

Online: and

However it is best to email me at for planter commissions!