Zhou Kaiying


Hello! Tell us a little about yourself.

[I'm] Kaiying Zhou, marketing content creator, traveler and photographer. I have previously lived in Berlin for 4 years and in Shanghai for 10 years. I just moved from Shanghai to London in August this year!


Tell us about your practice. 

I picked up film photography around 12 years ago in Berlin, with a flea market find (a made-in-West Germany Rolleiflex SL35). I have collected more than 20 analogue cameras over the years; among them I use my Leica M6 and Contax T2 the most.

So far I’ve travelled to 48 countries and territories, and I find that film photography adds another layer to being part of local life and documenting different cultures, such as wabi-sabi in Japan and Kayaking in Greenland. 

Right now I am a freelancer content creator and enjoying exploring London with my film camera as much as the pandemic allows. 


Tell us something about the items you have chosen for the market. 

2020 is no doubt very different for all of us. 

For me, looking forward to traveling to my next destination has always been one of the biggest motivations in my life; but this year, I am only able to do virtual trips in my tens of thousands of film photos. 

I choose photos from Japan and Greenland because they are my favorite destinations and I always find a sense of peace and zen when I look at these photos. This year, we definitely need that.  


If 2020 was a food...

A lemon. 

Everyone frowns hearing of 2020 just like they remember the taste of a lemon : bitter, sour, hard to even take a little bite and the taste stays long. 

But, you know what they say about life handing you lemons..


More of Kaiying Zhou's work can be found on her Instagram @Kaiyingfilmstory