Drops of Humanity Winter Market 2020/21

We are pleased to announce something we have been working on this month.

Drops of Humanity is honoured to host an online winter market featuring friends of DoH. The market is more than just something for the hustle and bustle of Christmas. The market will run from 15 Dec to 10 Jan.

This has been a strange year for even those in the best of situations. Some of you may have lost count on the number changes you've had to make this year. Some makers might have hit their stride during this time, others found the change in tempo a test of their resolve and commitment to making.

You might say this a Plan W to harness solidarity and to keep the spirit of making alive for each other. A lot of the products at the market are born from moments of personal contemplation which the makers are keen to share with you. I hope you will come peruse our wares and join us in contemplation not just before Christmas but in the quieter days after.


Meet the Makers  


Jikim Publishing

Stef Lai

doublehead digifacturing

Econte labs

Kaiying Zhou